I MOVED TO DENVER: let’s catch up

Happy Thursday, Honeys!

In case you didn’t hear, I moved to Denver, CO this week! I came from South Florida and took the 28 hour road trip solo. It was a really fun journey and I’ve had such a nice week exploring and adjusting to my new life.

Some of my favorite things I’ve done so far are hike Red Rocks Amphitheater (I spent a whole afternoon there writing and relaxing), explore a new part of downtown as well as a new local coffee shop, set up my room (it looks perfect, room tour coming soon!!), and overall I’ve just gotten into some really healthy habits already. I’ve worked out everyday this week which is huge for me!! It feels amazing and I am so enthusiastic to keep the momentum going and just keep thriving in my new city! ALONE TIME IS TIGHT YO.

I recently dropped a gorgeous Local Honey collection and if you haven’t shopped it yet, I strongly urge you to. The pieces are so unique and fashionable, you really shouldn’t miss out. Fashion has been kinda blah for me recently. I can feel my style changing so I’ve been sort of frustrated with my wardrobe to be honest. At the moment I am really into classic pieces such as button ups and relaxed denim. An ideal outfit would either be a very plain tee with an edgy pant or a more structured top that features some subtle detail/bold color paired with denim. (I still accessorize the shit out of everything hehe.) I feel as though I want to either look very chic and subtle yet fashionable OR I want to be wearing really bold, out-there streetwear. I’m just not into regular “trendy” fashion at all right now.

I’m going to Minnesota in a week to visit my family for a lil’ lake weekend. That will be so nice and I think it’ll be the perfect way to break up my new adjustment. A week after that, it’s my mf birthday! I’m a Leo, so naturally I love my birthday. I have a few different friends coming to town and some fun festivities planned. Let me know if you’d like to see a vlog of that weekend!

I start my new job as a Visual Manager of H&M tomorrow. I’m a bit nervous because you never really know how you’re gonna fit with a new company but I am super excited to be working pretty much strictly on visuals. I have learned so much about visual merchandising in the past year and I’m quite passionate about it. I’m just excited to get back to being hands on with fashion & business!

Lastly, check out my new YouTube video! It’s a healthy grocery haul where I also share some of my favorite recipes. Food is so important to me and I’d love to influence you to start getting more nutrients in your life. <3 healthy + affordable grocery haul w/ recipes

Talk to you all soon!! I love you honeys!

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