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Hey there, Honeys!

I hope you’re having a fabulous day. I am so excited because today I am bringing back an OG series from my blog called Hip Honey of the Month where I interview people who have dope style. To be honest, I am not SUPER impressed with many people’s style, but something about my friend Max and his buddies really stood out to me. I decided to interview Max because every time I had seen him he was dressed in a unique yet hip and put together outfit. I admired his sense of style and I could tell he put effort into his outfits but he never looked like a try-hard. Max’s style is similar to how I’d imagine myself dressing as a boy. (minus the bling I would obviously be rocking, lol.)

Enjoy the interview, honeys!

Describe your style in three words: “Eclectic, Vintage, Stripes.”


Who is your style inspiration? “Dylan Rieder. He was a model and a skateboarder and I always liked his style. He wore a lot of button-downs. He kept his style minimal with not a lot of color but always wore cool shoes.” I realllllyyy resonated with this answer. And after doing some research on Dylan Rieder myself, I would have to agree with Max and admire the man’s sense of style. He was basically the definition of cool.



Max also mentioned his love for Johnny Depp and the inspiration he has pulled from him. He said he liked the wild look. I dig it.

Do you consider yourself a trend follower? “No… Mostly because I don’t know how people perceive me so I can’t really control how I want them to see me. If I see something and I like it, I wear it. Certain trends catch on of course but I wouldn’t say I go out of my way for them.”

What are some trends you can’t stand? “Yo what’s up with fanny packs these days???” Lmao. “I also think fashions are a little too flashy right now.”

What are your three favorite pieces from your wardrobe?

  1. Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Button Down. “I love vertical stripes so much and I just really liked the colors. This shirt kinda inspired my style, I saw it and just knew I was gonna buy it.”

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2. Thrifted Tan Suit Jacket. “I like to wear this for work events. The paisley lining is really cool, too.”

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Processed with VSCO with al3 preset

3. Denim Jacket/Shirt

“I think denim jackets are so nostalgic. This one has an Arizona Tea logo on it but I have a few that I wear all the time. They’re just so laid back and comfy. Everyone wishes they had a good denim jacket I think.”




Describe your go-to outfit and why it’s your go-to. “A short sleeve, button down shirt with pants and, depending on what I’m doing, some converse or loafers.” He doesn’t wear any jeans or shorts, I couldn’t believe it!!!


What’s your best piece of fashion advice? “Just dress like yourself. Wear what YOU like.” I love it!

Thanks again for letting me interview you, Max! He makes great music and has dope style, check him out.



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