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I apologize for not posting last week, I have been insanely busy working and moving apartments. Luckily, I am finally settled into my new place and I’m going to show you all the progress I’ve made on it in today’s post! In this room tour I will be walking you through each section of my new bedroom through photos and descriptions. I put a lot of attention and detail into my room because I am very influenced by the appearance of my surroundings. I would describe the decor as chic, feminine, and cozy with a little edge. My color scheme is pretty much exclusively pale pink, gold, and white with accents of green through my plants. My furniture and accents are, of course, very affordable while still looking modern and chic.

When you first enter my room, there is this garment rack to the right with some of my favorite pieces at the time. They usually happen to match my room as well. Under the rack is this adorable faux fur rug from target that I got for only $20 and hung above it is a mirror that I got from TJ Maxx a few years ago.

Next to the garment rack I have a white framed full length mirror and an XOXO wall hanging that is black, white, and gold. To the left of those if my night stand which holds a plant and a basic white lamp along with a gold candle. This table was only $40 from Walmart!

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Next to my end table is my bed which has a modern metal headboard. My comforter is pale pink with a ruched texture and I have gold accent pillows on it as well. I absolutely love this comforter and I think the little twinkle lights on my headboard add a cute and cozy touch.

This area doesn’t photograph that well because it’s so back lit 🙁 & I really should’ve fixed that pillow but you get the point <3

On the wall behind my bed I hung twinkle lights around the border and I have two fake plants hanging in some wooden “floating shelves” on both sides. These are a great touch and were crafted from items I found in the really cheap front section of Target. Yes, honey!!

To the left of my bed I have a tapestry of a girl smoking with a man’s face being formed in the smoke above her. I don’t know why I find this image so fascinating but it’s a conversation starter and it adds the edgy touch my room needed.

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Next to the tapestry I have a little gold table which holds a stack of movies and a bouquet of fake flowers in an old champagne bottle. Under the table I have the same faux fur rug as before. I think this little setup looks very elegant even though it costed less than $75 in total. To the left of the table I hung a large Palo Alto movie poster. This is one of my favorite films of all time and if you know me personally, you know the impact it has had on me for many years now.

The last item along that wall is my dresser. This thing took 2 days and 4 people to build. I have hard feelings toward it for sure BUT she cute after all. I have the top decorated with a corny little decor sign, some more fake flowers, cute little books, and a candle. On the window sill behind my dresser I have another plant, a gold painted “J”, a portable speaker and a mug that my best friend in Minnesota made me. <3

On the wall across from my bed I have a bathroom and a walk in closet. In the space between, I keep my little storage drawers of some Local Honey inventory. To go along with that, I have my college diploma on top and my official business registration for Local Honey. I also add some spice with my pale pink Polaroid camera and a few pairs of sunglasses on display.

That’s a wrap honey! I hope my room tour inspired or at least entertained you. I truly believe that having a space that makes you feel comfortable and motivated is a huge step towards living a happier and more productive life.

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